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Chanyeol on the set of his movie. 9/16/14 (x)

A Hong Kong magazine followed Suho, Tao and Sehun during their vacation. 9/07/14 - 9/10/14 (x)

Tao and Sehun at SM building. 9/15/14 (x)

Tao and Sehun out together + fans got their autographs. 9/15/14 (x)

Fans crowding around EXO’s outfits as they were being taken into the concert venue in Bangkok. 9/13/14 (x)

Sehun went for a swim at EXO’s hotel in Bangkok. 9/12/14 (x)

Lay arriving in Thailand. 9/11/14 (x)


Chanyeol on the set of his movie. 9/10/14 (x)

Suho, Tao and Sehun on the plane to Seoul. 9/10/14 (x)

Lay shopping with his mother in Changsha + translation from a fan who recognized her. 9/10/14 (x)